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      1. Assisted Living

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        Today’s assisted living* communities are all about you. Over the past 25 years, assisted living communities have evolved into luxurious apartment style residences with 24-hour access to a well-trained and dedicated staff that is committed to providing the care you want when you need it most.

        Get the Help You Want When You Need It

        Like a trusted friend, we’ll be right there when you need us. And just like that friend, we’ll make sure you have fun, too! Our assisted living services are extremely flexible, so you’ll get precisely the help you want when you need it. Services can be added at any time, including temporary support services. Whether it’s medication management, helping with mobility, coordinating care with your physicians, or making sure you look your best at happy hour, we’re here to help.

        We build every resident relationship on trust, striving to earn it from the first conversation. Building meaningful relationships amongst our residents, families, and staff is the cornerstone of our assisted living program. When our staff knows your preferences, it’s easy to provide the assistance you deserve.

        Our health and wellness teams work hard to make sure the needs of our residents are met, and that we exceed your expectations. Our caregivers are passionate, caring individuals with great personalities, and they’re trained to provide the best service available, all with a healthy dose of patience, finesse, and humor. So once you move in, you can bet that life will get easier, more relaxing, and more fun.

        One Community for All of Senior Living

        A change in need or care does not have to signal a change in location. Many of our communities offer what the industry calls “continuum of care”. To put it simply, this means that a range of services are offered at one community, including independent living, assisted living, and sometimes even memory care.

        Moving into assisted living at a Leisure Care community does not mean sacrificing your independence, privacy, dignity or giving up your active lifestyle. Your retirement is still yours to design, we are just here to help you along the way.

        Choosing a community that offers a continuum of care will allow you to stay in your community, and often even in your own apartment if needs change over time and you find that you want some extra help. It’s just another way that our communities serve you.

        Life-Enhancing Assisted Living Services

        It’s our goal to make your senior living experience fun and enjoyable. We know you are ready for adventure, which is why our assisted living services are designed to enhance your active lifestyle. And, to make sure we’re supporting your every need, we’ll conduct initial and ongoing assessments in coordination with you and your family, addressing services in the following areas:

        • Activity & Social Planning
        • Eating, Drinking & Meal Support
        • Dressing Assistance
        • Mobility & Escort Assistance
        • Showering & Bathing
        • Personal Appearance & Hygiene Assistance
        • Continence Support & Incontinence Maintenance
        • Communication Assistance
        • Cognitive Support
        • Health Maintenance
        • Care Coordination
        • Medication Assistance

        Care for Every Budget

        Assisted living is meant to be carefree and stress-free. From your first visit with us, to move-in day, to daily living, and to monthly billing, we have you covered. While the cost of assisted living can vary greatly depending on a personal preference and care services needed, the Genworth Cost of Care Survey puts the national average for a one-bedroom assisted living apartment at $4,000 per month.

        The community that you choose to call home can help you design an assisted living lifestyle that meets both your physical and monetary needs. Contact us today to start!

        *Called personal care in Pennsylvania

        Broadway Proper | Tucson

        Bella Villaggio | Palm Desert
        Heritage Estates | Livermore
        Springfield Place | Petaluma
        The Woodlake | Sacramento


        The Willows | Oxford

        Fairwinds - Sand Creek | Idaho Falls




        New Mexico

        New York

        Canfield Place | Beaverton
        Markham House | Portland
        Russellville Park | Portland


        Treeo - Orem | Orem
        Treeo - South Ogden | South Ogden

        Hawthorne Court | Kennewick
        Van Mall | Vancouver
        Washington Oakes | Everett